Book Report: Solo Leveling

When Sangshik Kim’s raid party comes across a rare Double-Dungeon, they take a vote and decide to enter. But this dungeon isn’t a D-rank one like the previous one – no, it could possibly be higher than an A rank. It could be an S rank dungeon, which is near impossible to complete unless you are highly, highly skilled. And that party isn’t.

Book Report: Explorer Academy: The Nebula Secret

It seems that there was more to his mom’s death than what meets the eye. Traces appear of a mysterious group called Nebula who’s members refer to them by codenames. First they attack him while he’s still in Hawaii, and later a traitor arises… Weird things are happening. The Synthesis, the top secret lab where his mom worked, wants his blood. There are strange flickers. They enter a room full of poisonous gas.
Not only that but he has troubles at school as well. The academy finds out that someone has been hacking to make the tests in the CAVE easier. It’s traced back to Cruz’s tablet, and he is expelled from the academy. He doesn’t know who he can trust.

Book Report: Frizzy

Marlene loves her frizzy, curly hair, but her mom wants her to go to the salon every weekend to get it straightened. The salon is terrible for Marlene, and she wants her hair to stay curly, but she can’t stop going to the salon – what her mom says goes.