Book Report: Watchdog and the Coyotes

Coyotes are stealing Red and Poky’s food but not Sweetie’s food. The Coyotes can’t get inside Sweetie’s house but they find a way into Sweetie’s yard. The Coyotes eventually eat Sweetie’s food. When the coyotes finish eating all the dog food they want to eat the dogs! The dogs train to fight the coyotes but Sweetie is worried that if he bites the coyotes that he will be sent away again and won’t see his friends, Red and Poky, anymore.

Book Report: McGrowl

Smudge and Bunting are trying to activate a secret volcano that no one knows about except Thomas and McGrowl. The secret volcano is on Devil’s Island. You need a boat to travel to Devil’s Island. Pop and Mammie live in the volcano and Smudge and Bunting disguise themselves as Pop and Mammie. Smudge and Bunting need McGrowl to activate the volcano. McGrowl’s x-ray vision can melt the volcano and all the lava would come out. Thomas and McGrowl are trying to stop Smudge and Bunting from activating the volcano.

Book Report: Mel the Chosen

Mel is tired of her parents choosing where they live, and what they eat. Especially after her grandparents mysteriously passed away. She can’t wait to become an adult and make her own choices. When she finds a new world that she is worshiped in, Mel gets offered the chance to live in a world without parents. But there’s a trick, she has to give up everything.