Book Report: Egg Marks the Spot

Fisher, Badger’s cousin, stole his agate a long time ago during the Weasel family reunion. When Skunk and Badger searched for the agate, Fisher came and stole Skunk’s rocks. Later, when Badger tails Augusta (Skunk’s chicken friend) and Skunk, who are acting suspiciously, he finds out about a cave with a dinosaur egg encased in amber. Chickens have been guarding the egg for years. But then, Fisher comes with a team of rats that are going to remove the egg and take it for him!

Book Report: Judy Moody and the NOT Bummer Summer

Judy gets all her friends together and says, “We each get ten thrill points for a thing we haven’t done before, and if we get to 100 points before the end of the summer, this will be the best summer ever.” Her friends, Amy Namey and Rocky, are going away, so they have to count their thrill points individually.

Also, their teacher, Mr. Todd, gives them a pop quiz about what he’s doing this summer. It’s something cold, but nobody can guess what it is.