Will be Brought Each Week

  • Art Supplies
    • 10+ glue sticks
    • bin of crayons
    • small bag googly eyes
    • scissors
    • colored pencils
    • white paper
    • various colors of construction paper
    • clear tape
    • painters tape (limited supply)
    • permanent markers
    • yarn
    • table covers
    • watercolor paints
    • watercolor paper
    • plastic cups for water (for painting)
    • paintbrushes
  • Sports Equipment
    • several jump ropes
    • bin of balls
    • 2 soccer nets
    • several orange cones
  • Miscellaneous
    • 1 bin of dress-up items: lots of hats, some wigs, firefighter jacket, safety goggles, silly shoes
  • Toys and Puzzles
    • Storage bin of random toys for young children
    • Small bin of Legos (not Duplo)

Available if Needed

Reusable plastic cupsSam
7 hand-held cheese graters (good for projects needing shredded crayons)Sam
Bag of plastic Play Doh suppliesSam
14 clipboardsSam
40+ ping pong ballsSam
3 clipboardsChris
Washable paints Olga
dot and roll-on paintsVicki
Party streamers in various colorsVicki
Chenille Stems / Pipe CleanersVicki
Hot Glue GunVicki
set of wooden pattern blocks (various shapes and colors)Vicki
8 long-handled butterfly netsVicki
bin of smocksVicki
bin of various rackets (tennis, badminton, etc)Vicki
3 very large funnelsVicki
several small tape measuresVicki
stop watchesVicki
handful of small metal outdoor/hanging thermometersVicki
litmus paperVicki
General office supplies (many of each): binder clips, rubber bands, pencils, notecardsVicki