First Name: Sirius
Age: 9
Book Title: Amulet:Firelight
Author: Kazu Kibuishi
Fiction Genres: Comic/Graphic Novel,Fantasy
Write three (3) sentences which describe the Setting of the book. Be sure use descriptive words.: The magic world. Most of the time they are in memories. The memories are from the assassin’s lair.
List all of the main characters in the book, and share a little bit of information about each character.: Emily is a powerful stone keeper. Her stone is plotting to take over the world.
If there was a problem presented in the book, write three (3) sentences about it. Otherwise, write three sentences about your favorite part of the book.: The stones and the elves are threatening to take over Earth and the Magic world. They are very powerful. Almost no one can stop them.
If there was a problem presented in the book, write three (3) sentences about how the problem was solved. If there was not problem, write three sentences about what you would have liked to have seen in the book that the author did not include.: They battle with the stones against the stones. It sounds really weird. It is.
How did this book make you feel? Write three (3) sentences describing the feelings you had, when reading the book.: I read it when I was around 7. It was a good book. I still like it a lot.
Star Rating: 4
Write three (3) sentences describing why you gave this book this rating.: I gave it a 4 because the series gets more cryptic as it gets later in the book. It was a really good book. I like the cryptic stuff but it’s sort of strange.
Book Report: Amulet:Firelight by Kazu Kibuishi