First Name: Anna
Age: 7
Book Title: Attack of the Shark-Headed Zombie
Author: Bill Doyle
Fiction Genres: Fantasy,Humor
Write three (3) sentences which describe the Setting of the book. Be sure use descriptive words.: The book takes place in Mr. Cigam’s house. Mr. Cigam’s house is a magical house. If you walk through a doorway in the house, it will close behind you and turn into a solid wall. (But it is still not unbreakable.)
List all of the main characters in the book, and share a little bit of information about each character.: The main characters are Keats and Henry and the shark-headed zombie.Keats and Henry are both 9 year old cousins. They needed more money to buy themselves new bikes. They found a job for Mr. Cigam. The job was to help with things around his house and defeat the pesky shark-headed zombie.
The shark-headed zombie was a shark who walked on his flippers on land. And instead of swimming in the water, he swims on the ground. And his top fin pokes out of the dirt or whatever he is swimming through. The shark-headed zombie lives outside Mr. Cigam’s house. He chases Keats and Henry inside the house and tries to eat them.
If there was a problem presented in the book, write three (3) sentences about it. Otherwise, write three sentences about your favorite part of the book.: The problem in the book was that on the job list for Mr. Cigam, the boys had to defeat the shark-headed zombie. If they didn’t defeat the shark-headed zombie, they would not be paid and then could not buy new bikes. It was hard defeating the shark-headed zombie because it was trying to eat them!
If there was a problem presented in the book, write three (3) sentences about how the problem was solved. If there was not problem, write three sentences about what you would have liked to have seen in the book that the author did not include.: The problem was solved by Keats and Henry finding a spell that would defeat the shark-headed zombie. They found one half in the kitchen, but the other half was in the library, which was upstairs. They had to pass a funny carpet that had faces on it and said “Ouch!” and bit you if you stepped on the faces. They got past the faces but it was hard. Finally, they got the last piece of the spell and turned the shark-headed zombie into a tornado.
How did this book make you feel? Write three (3) sentences describing the feelings you had, when reading the book.: This book made me feel very anxious because it was very intense. I was afraid the boys were going to get eaten. They had a lot of close calls with the zombie!
Star Rating: 5
Write three (3) sentences describing why you gave this book this rating.: I gave the book this rating because it was a very fun book to read.
Book Report: Attack of the Shark-Headed Zombie, by Bill Doyle