In our last class the Muons played some drawing games. The first game was new to the group. The kids paired up and sat back to back. One kid had a clipboard and paper. This kid was the “drawer”. The other had the job of describing an item to their teammate without revealing what item they were describing. It was harder than it seemed like it would be but the results gave everyone a good laugh.
The second game was an old favorite. Each kid gets a paper that is folded into three equal parts. They each start by drawing a head. The paper is then folded over so the head can not be seen and passed to the person next to them who draws a torso. Again the paper is folded hiding what was just drawn and passed to a third kid who draws legs. These never fail to make everyone laugh. And there is always a request for a second round.
I like this sort of drawing games because it gives the person who claims to not be able to draw (a concept I don’t believe in) an opportunity to create something without the pressure of being a “good drawer”.

Drawing Games