The snow was a bit too powdery for snowballs today, so we substituted dodgeballs for target practice. The kids did a relay race to knock all the cones over with the balls instead of snowballs.

Next they relay raced pulling a partner in a sled. Everyone had to have a chance to pull and be pulled.

Then we put the two together for an epic relay: when a team knocked over all their pins, they could begin pulling their partners in a sled.

Finally, I challenged the kids to pull their partner as far as they could go without stopping, then switch and have the partner pull them back. Many made it to the pavilion. One pair made it as far into the forest as I would let them go!

Quarks did fewer relays and more freeplay, but did enjoy the pulling challenge at the end.

We had such a great time. Many, many thanks to all who shared their sleds. We had an entire “sled shop” to choose from, which was wonderful!

Gym: Sled Relays