This week in gym, we worked on squats. We are roughly following the Boks Kids Functional Fitness curriculum, featuring a different skill each week. We practiced planks and running the past couple weeks.

After a warm-up of gentle cardio, practice moves, and dynamic stretches, we:

  • – Practice the skill of the week
  • – Use the skill for a partner activity
  • – Use the skill in a relay or group game

Then we cool down, stretch, and enjoy a few calming breaths.

The parter activity (alternating ladder up to 10 squats) was well-received by the neutrons, but the electrons and muons calculated the total number of squats they needed to do and were less enthusiastic (lots of groans! Lol.). The older kids played a silly game to lighten the mood after they endured all those squats: a cross between Heads Up and charades where the group acts out what is on the card on one person’s head. For example, “Giraffe playing basketball.” The younger kids played Go-Back-Hit It, which is similar to Red Light-Green Light. Of course, then we needed a round of Red Light-Green Light.

Finally, each group put all of the skills together with Hot Dog Tag (like freeze tag but with planks) and Meatball Tag (like freeze tag but with squats).

Gym: Squats