First Name:




Book Title:



Cynthia Voigt

Fiction Genres:

Realistic Fiction,Suspense/Thriller

Write three (3) sentences which describe the Setting of the book. Be sure use descriptive words.:

This book takes place in a 3 locations: A huge park, a mall parking lot and the whole span of Connecticute. The mall parking lot is huge with 2 levels, the park is the shape of Connecticute but in miniture and the whole span of conneticute is well huge.

List all of the main characters in the book, and share a little bit of information about each character.:

The main charecters are 4 siblings. One is a girl named Dicey who is pretty much like the pack leader. The another one is James who is like second in command, and then the two other ones are Maybeth and Sammy. The two older ones are smart and have good knowledge about navigation and science. The two little ones are shy and patient.

If there was a problem presented in the book, write three (3) sentences about it. Otherwise, write three sentences about your favorite part of the book.:

The main problem was that their mother abandoned them in a mall parking lot with only 10 dollars, and they have to get from Conneticute to Bridgeport. At night they have to sleep in parks and forests. Since they only have 10 dollars they have to buy cheap food and can’t get caught by the police or they will be taken to an orphanage.

If there was a problem presented in the book, write three (3) sentences about how the problem was solved. If there was not problem, write three sentences about what you would have liked to have seen in the book that the author did not include.:


How did this book make you feel? Write three (3) sentences describing the feelings you had, when reading the book.:

This book makes me feel like kids can to anything and everything as long as they put their mind to it. It aslo makes me feel that if you have smaller siblings and your caught in a situation then you should think of the little ones first and yourself second.

Star Rating:


Write three (3) sentences describing why you gave this book this rating.:

I gave this book a five because it has everything I like in it. Adventure, suspense and it seems like this could happen in real life.

"Homecoming" by Cynthia Voigt