First Name: Anna
Age: 7
Experiment Title: Lifting Fingerprints
What was the purpose of your experiment? Provide a brief description of what you were hoping to learn, discover, or study.: The purpose of the experiment was to determine which of these four following things would enhance fingerprints the best: Hair, Hand, Nose, Clothes
What was your hypothesis?: My hypothesis was that touching clothes before taking a fingerprint would give the best fingerprint. I thought touching hair first would give the second best fingerprint, and touching my hand first or my nose first would be the same and not as good as the others.
What materials did you use in your experiment? List them all.: We used:1. Shirt
2. Nose
3. Hand
4. Hair
5. Fingerprint pad
6. Fingerprint paper
7. Tape
8. Pencil
9. Flour
10. Paintbrush
What procedure was followed? Provide a brief description of the steps you followed during your experiment.: First, I wrote down my hypothesis. Then I touched my hand with my finger. Then I touched my finger to the fingerprint pad. Then I dusted it with the paintbrush and flour. Then I used the tape to lift the fingerprint off of the pad. Then I put it on the Fingerprint Paper to observe and analyze it.Repeat same steps for nose, hair, and clothes.
What were the results of your experiment?: The results were that the nose helped enhance the fingerprint the best. The hair was second, hand was third, and clothes were last.
What is your conclusion after conducting the experiment? Was your hypothesis correct or incorrect? What did you learn?: My hypothesis was half correct, half incorrect. I learned that the most oil that is on a place, the better the fingerprint will show up. And a nose is a very oily place of the body.
Lab Report: Lifting Fingerprints