First Name: Sirius
Age: 9
Experiment Title: Science Friction Experiment
What was the purpose of your experiment? Provide a brief description of what you were hoping to learn, discover, or study.: I was hoping to learn if something could be locked together because of friction.
What was your hypothesis?: That the two books could lock together with friction.
What materials did you use in your experiment? List them all.: Paperback books, two.
What procedure was followed? Provide a brief description of the steps you followed during your experiment.: I “shuffled” the books by thumbing the pages at the same time. Then I pulled to try to get them back apart.
What were the results of your experiment?: It was really cool because when I did it, the books did stick together!
What is your conclusion after conducting the experiment? Was your hypothesis correct or incorrect?: My hypothesis was correct, they would stick. Friction stops the book from moving!
Spend a few minutes learning about the scientific principles involved in your experiment. Write 3-4 sentences about what you learned and how it relates to your experiment.: Every single page overlap that there was was a source of friction. If you multiply that by how many overlaps happened, fifty or sixty, the amount of friction at work is very big. That’s what caused the books to stick together.
Lab Report: Science Friction Experiment