First Name: Anna
Age: 7
Experiment Title: Traffic Pattern Observation
What was your hypothesis?: My hypothesis was that at 4pm on Friday there were going to be 2 cars per minute. My hypothesis was that at 5pm there would be 3 cars per minute.I thought there would be more cars at 5pm than at 4pm because 5pm is rush hour.
What materials did you use in your experiment? List them all.: For this experiement, I used my eyes, a sheet of paper, a pencil, the windows in the front of my house, and a timer set for 5 minutes.
What procedure was followed? Provide a brief description of the steps you followed during your experiment.: First, at 4pm, I set a timer for 5 minutes. Then I went to our living room to observe how many cars passed. After I counted the cars, I wrote on a sheet of paper how many cars there were. I repeated these same steps at 5pm.
What were the results of your experiment?: There were 11 cars at 4pm and at 5 there were 13 cars.At 4pm, I was only 1 car off. I estimated there would be 10 cars that drove down our street, but there were 11 cars.
At 5pm, I thought there would be 12 cars but there were 13 cars that drove down our street. Again, only 1 more than my estimate.
What is your conclusion after conducting the experiment? Was your hypothesis correct or incorrect? What did you learn?: This experiment shows that at rush hour more cars drive down our street than when it is not rush hour.
Lab Report: Traffic Pattern Observation