Last week we started by sorting a mix of five different types of seeds. On a blackboard positioned under each plate, we brainstormed words that described each seed type. Then I pulled out the five seed packets, and the group (brilliantly!) matched each seed to its crop. These kids really know their plants!

Keeping those seeds in mind, we went outside for some hands-on research. We inspected a selection of produce, including strawberries, an avocado, a kiwi, a lemon, and a pineapple. First we found the seed(s), then we’d describe that seed against our earlier five. We noticed that strawberries have many seeds, whereas an avocado has just the one — and harking back to the previous week’s lesson, we talked about how bigger seeds have more “food” for the seedling. Finally, we listed all the seeds from smallest to biggest on the blackboard.

I had anticipated a bit of a mess (thus the going outside), but we sure did a number on that avocado, wow.

Nature Study: Seed Comparison