Alicia’s psychology course delved into emotionality and, more specifically, core emotions. This was a continuation of the previous week’s discussion of emotions, which revealed that, actually, only a tiny percentage of humans can repress their emotions. So much for our fantasies of poker faces!

Then, following Alicia’s brilliant plan, I gave each student a card with a human displaying a core emotion. They were not to show anyone the card, and after considering the emotion for a time, they built a lego representation of the emotion. 

Oh, the creations! Some were narrative based, others were more abstract, others were an object that would elicit the response. All very clever and cool!

Each student presented their creation, inviting the others to guess the emotion. I then invited each student to talk through their representation of the emotion. 

From there, we had an interesting convo about the inherent emotionality of humans — how, as social creatures, emotions communicate vital meaning that many of us rely upon to communicate our needs and ideas. We noted, too, though, that many of us need to feel safe to communicate some or maybe even most of our emotions — even if our faces betray us.

Such a wonderful exercise that I regret not photographing!!!

And, because you know you want one, here is the link to my rainbow-drawered lego organizer. It’s LIFE CHANGING. 😂

Psychology: Core Emotions