The Muons explored personality and took a modified personality test called “True Colors” which was developed by a psychologist who studied under and adapted concepts from the famous Myers-Briggs personality assessment (you know INFP, ETSJ – it’s where we get our notions about introverts and extroverts and how various people approach decision-making primarily through thinking vs. intuition, etc.). Muons first identified words associated with personality and then were given 4 cards pictorially depicting groups of personality traits. After coming up with descriptive words for each of the cards, they sorted the cards into most like me to least like me. They then followed up their initial sort with an abridged personality assessment and compared how closely their initial sort and their assessment results were. We then grouped by dominant “True Colors” personality clusters and talked about key characteristics and strengths of that set of personality traits as well as areas or situations that might be harder to navigate for someone with one or another more dominant set of traits.

More to come next session as students develop individual “personality profile” posters introducing aspects of their own personalities to each other.

Psychology: True Colors