Hibernation was our theme this week. We read the book “Over and Under the Snow” by Kate Messner. We decided to go with the bear theme and learned about how bears are omnivores similar to humans. We discussed what things bears eat that we also eat, and what bears eat that we would not choose to eat. We pretended to be bears and filled (paper food) our tummy with all the good food bears need before hibernation. We then learned about the size of a bear’s gait using a measuring tape. A black bear each step is 18in long!  They pretended to move around like bears (adorable). We ended our lesson going on a hunt to find a good place for a long winter’s rest. Of course we found lots of cool spots in the woods where various animals could rest. Highlight may have been the exploding mushrooms. Followed by needing to shape shift into eagles so that we could “fly” home in time for group gathering 🙂

Science/Math: Over and Under the Snow