This week we celebrated the snow we’ve had by building igloos…. sugar cube igloos! We built them using edible glue, made of powdered sugar and water, to hold the sugar cubes together.
The students were as excited to see and taste sugar cubes as to build with them. There were lots of “oohs” and “ahhs” when I pulled out the sugar cubes and most students commented that they’d never seen one or tasted one. So just experiencing the sugar cubes was fun in and of itself.
Turns out that Neutrons like BIG igloos and were building many levels. So much that we ran out of cubes! So we improvised the tops of the igloos to be paper covered with stuffing, which I had brought to decorate the outsides like snow.
Lessons I learned through this project: bring twice as many sugar cubes as I think I’ll need, and make stronger glue! I think we made the glue a little too watery with a couple of the kids and the igloos didn’t stand up to the travels home. 2 fell and broke as students were leaving co-op for the day. Real glue or stronger edible glue may have helped.

Sugar Cube Igloos