First Name: Seraphina
Book Title: The Prairie Thief
Author: Melissa Wiley
Classification: Fiction
Fiction Genres: Fantasy,Folklore
Setting: The story took place in the late nineteenth century in the country.
Characters or Subject Matter: The main characters are Louisa and the brownie. Also, the other characters are Louisa’s Pa, her neighbors, the Smirches, and their niece, Jessamine, and the brownie’s wife.
Problem/Conflict or Favorite Part: After Mr. Smirch’s boys found their belongings in Pa’s old dugout, Pa was arrested and Louisa went to live at the Smirch’s house. Louisa discovers a brownie that lives in the hazel grove. She asks the brownie to help her get her Pa out of jail.
Conclusion: Louisa rides a pronghorn antelope into town to go to her Pa’s trial. At the trial, Louisa tells the Judge about the brownie. The Judge sets pa free.
I love this story because it’s a really great kid’s story and I like folklore!
Star Rating: 5

"The Prairie Thief", by Melissa Wiley