First Name: Tala
Book Title: Warriors – Into the Wild
Author: Erin Hunter
Classification: Fiction
Fiction Genres: Fantasy
Setting: There are two settings; A human (Twoleg) house, and a forest.
Characters or Subject Matter: The main characters are; Rusty/Firepaw, Greypaw, Longtail, Bluestar, Sandpaw, and Dustpaw.
Problem/Conflict or Favorite Part: The problem was that there was a house-cat named Rusty, who longed for adventure. One day, he decided to go to the forest, but was attacked by a forest-cat and taken to camp. There, he was attacked by a warrior named Longtail.
Conclusion: Rusty tore off Longtail’s ear, and thus won the battle. He had also lost his collar during the fight, and had been dubbed worthy of life as a forest cat. He was given the name ‘Firepaw’, in honor of his flame-colored pelt.
Star Rating: 5

"Warriors: Into the Wild", by Erin Hunter