First Name: Anna
Age: 7
Experiment Title: Test if Speed Can Overcome Gravity
What was the purpose of your experiment? Provide a brief description of what you were hoping to learn, discover, or study.: The purpose of my experiment was to see if I could build a marble track with a hump over my brother’s track and still have the marble end up at the target. This would work if the speed of the marble could overcome gravity.
What was your hypothesis?: My hypothesis was that speed could overcome gravity and that the track would work.
What materials did you use in your experiment? List them all.: 1. cardboard tubes (various paper towel and toilet paper rolls)
2. marble
3. paper cup
4. table
5. tape
6. my brother’s marble track
What procedure was followed? Provide a brief description of the steps you followed during your experiment.: First, a folding table was propped up on just the back set of legs to make a ramp. Then I let my brother set up his track on the table. Then I built track using the various tubes. The key piece of my track was the hump over my brother’s track.
What were the results of your experiment?: The results of my experiment were that the track did work.
What is your conclusion after conducting the experiment? Was your hypothesis correct or incorrect? What did you learn?: My hypothesis was correct. I discovered that speed could overcome gravity. I didn’t know if this amount of speed could overcome gravity. I knew that a high amount of speed could, but I wasn’t sure about this amount of speed.
Test if Speed Can Overcome Gravity