Celeste is a mouse who is looking for a new home.  She lives inside one of James John Audubon’s houses, trying to keep safe from the cat and two rats.  One day, she makes friends with Joseph, a boy who is a student of Audubon’s.  A little later, she makes friends with a few birds and goes on some wild adventures.  In the end, Celeste finally finds a home that she likes very much.
This book is historical fiction because it is based on the real life of James John Audubon, but it is about animals who are made up.  Audubon was a famous painter who tried to paint all the birds in North America.  He lived during the time period when passenger pigeons were not extinct.  This book is a chapter book, but it has many nice pencil drawings.
I would give this book 100 stars!  It has lots of action – the mouse is continually moving and so does the story.
“Ezra” (age 9)

"A Nest for Celeste" by Henry Cole