First of all, who is Pagoo?  Why, he is a hermit crab!  And everyone knows that hermit crabs have a rough life.  This is the life of a small hermit crab that grows from the size of a pencil dot to the time when he is fully grown and can have his own children.
I found the “travling towers” part of the story to be the most interesting.  Who is traveling towers, you say?  She is a fat lady hermit with a barnacle tower on top of her shell, and little Pagoo is nestled on the topmost barnacle.
This book is about nature, specifically life in the ocean, from the smallest tide pool to the biggest ocean in the world.  It is told in a tale format from the fictional life of a hermit crab.  It is divided into chapters but has lots of colorful illustrations and useful pictures and notes in the sidebars.

I would give it five out of five stars.  Why?  The book is very active and has lots of interesting information – and it is part fiction and part non-fiction.
“Ezra” (Age 9)

"Pagoo" by Holling C. Holling