I had such a great time sharing clay with the kids. They all did their best! It was wonderful to see their different approaches to the same directions.

I shared a method of hand building to create vessels. We smacked some clay flat, trying to keep the thickness as consistent as possible. We formed or cut out a rectangle shape that we then joined to itself creating a tube shape. We then placed the tube on top of another flat piece and cut around it. After joining the bottom to the tube by blending clay together with fingers, it was possible to push out the tube to make a rounder shape if they wished.

The kids shared some of their plans and visions with me and I am so happy they are into it!

I left what I made at the center table so the kids could observe it’s change when left out in the open. The water evaporates and the clay stiffens. Depending on what they envisioned for their piece, I will guide them on the right moisture level. Some of them have bigger plans so we may have to fire over winter break.

Art: Beginning Clay