Please forgive me for not sending a gym recap sooner. Here’s the gist of what we’ve been up to so far this season.

We started with a power word running activity the first official day of co-op to focus our minds on our strengths as we attempt to challenge our bodies to strengthen them. I am strong. I am focused. I am determined.

We have been playing a variety of games with exercises woven in. Some of the games have explicit exercises, like Yahtzee with yard dice and an exercise attached to each combination of numbers.

Other exercises have been less conspicuous, like needing to squat to reach a cone before an opponent does.

Today we broke each group into two teams that raced against each other to complete a 100 point challenge. They could choose from a list of exercises with values varying from 2-10 points, mostly depending on the intensity of the exercise. I enjoyed seeing which exercises each team gravitated towards, seeing how they strategized, and witnessing how they honored each others’ preferences and weaknesses to complete the challenge together.

The kids are getting into the good habit of bringing their water bottles to gym class, which saves us a lot of time. We plan to always do some amount of running or cardio, so water is essential. Please help me make sure they remember to have water nearby for class.

Thank you to the parents that have let me know ahead of time about injuries or accommodations that are needed. I always appreciate knowing ahead of time so I can plan how to adapt and include everyone.

Thanks for the honor of leading your kids in movement!

Gym: Power Words & Team Challenges