Sorry for the late update, but this past week the Quarks read a charming story of mischievous Curious George wreaking havoc on the ski slopes and then we decorated ice spheres. First we sprinkled some (or gobs) of salt on top and then added food coloring and watched as the color ran down the melting rivets made by the salt. There were attempts to stomp spheres until they broke. Some experimented with adding no salt which led to a smooth colored sphere. Watching kids manage tiny bottles of food coloring in their massive gloves was highly entertaining and I do sincerely apologize for any permanently dyed outerwear! We ended the session by decorating the forest with our creations, much to the dismay of some kiddos who wanted to bring them home. (This is SO easy though, you could totally do this at home!) Our workspace looked pretty rad afterwards too, someone affectionately said it looked like we had a tussle with a unicorn.

Art: Ice Spheres