In keeping with the seeds theme, we decorated little terracotta pots, filled them with soil and planted tomato and/or kale seeds though only a few were keen on kale! We talked about where each of those plants made seeds, they took some awesome guesses about where kale, lettuce and broccoli seeds come from and were surprised to learn broccoli florets are really just unopened flowers. We also returned their now-dry papier mache bowl creations which they decorated in the brief time that remained.

(Some additional info on those seeds: if you can keep your little pots warm, even cover the top with plastic wrap or place in a plastic container with a loose lid, that will help them germinate. Once you see leaves poking up put the seeding in the strongest light available. They will eventually (probably sooner rather than later) need to be repotted into larger vessels. The kale is the curly variety and the tomato seeds are micro plants. They grow to about a foot tall and produce cherry tomatoes. Once the weather warms they can go outside for max sun. If you have any questions, I’m here! I also have tons of seeds, so if you need some let me know!)

Art: Terracotta Pots