This story takes place inside the dog’s house. Then they leave for a camping trip and they are in their car, in the mountains, and in a hotel. It is autumn or winter because the leaves are not on the trees and there is snow up in the mountains. The story takes place during the day and night and seems like it is close to our time because there are cars and phones
Fred and Ted are the main characters of this story. They dogs and are opposites of each other. Fred always has money, he is big and tall, he likes to be wet, he plays the flute, he eats spinach, he likes green, he drives slowly, he likes to skate, and he is always cold. Ted never has money, he is small and short, he likes being dry, he plays tuba, he eats beets, he likes red, he drives quickly, he likes to ski, and he is always warm.
Fred and Ted get sleepy and get a hotel. Fred’s bed is too small, and Ted’s bed to too big. Because of this, they do not sleep well.
Since they can’t sleep, they call each other and say, “Let’s take a walk and talk.” They talk about the problems they have with the beds, and a bird says that they should switch beds. Fred and Ted run inside to jump into their beds to sleep better.
This book made me think that the dogs are funny. I knew they should switch beds to sleep better. It made me feel good when they slept again.

I gave this book 5 stars because the dogs are so funny. I like that sometimes they solve problems. Also, it is good because they are nice friends and they always help each other.
“Elliot” age 5

"Big Dog… Little Dog" by P.D. Eastman