The setting was many thousands of years ago during the Trojan War. This takes place in Troy, mostly outside the city walls, on the fields of Ilium. The war has been going on for about 10 years and it is about to end.
Fiction – Classic
The Greeks and the Trojans are at war and those include many soldiers. Odysseus is a clever Greek solider who invents the idea of the Trojan Horse. Laocoon is a Trojan who says, “Never trust the Greeks.” Sinon is a Greek who is very brave and volunteers to be the last Greek left to trick the Trojans to trust the horse and open it up at night to let out the Greek soldiers.
The conflict that started the whole war is that Paris stole Helen from her husband. This caused the Greeks to attack the Trojans. The war had been waging for a very long time and the Greek soldiers wanted to go home. Odysseus came up with a plan to end the war.
Odysseus’ plan was to build a giant horse and fill it with Greek soldiers. The rest of the Greek soldiers got in their ships and pretended to leave. This fooled the Trojans in to thinking that the Greeks had surrendered. Laocoon knew the horse was a trick and not good to bring into the city, but servants ate him and the Trojans brought it into the city anyway. That night, Sinon lit a signal to tell the Greek ships to come back and he let the soldiers out of the Trojan Horse. The Greeks defeated the Trojans and the Trojan War was ended.
I hoped that the trick would work. It was exciting to see if Sinon would be able to trick the Trojans. I wanted the Greeks to win the war so I was relieved when they won.

I like this book because it was a really smart plan to build the horse and trick the Trojans into bringing the enemy soldiers into the city. I have it five stars because I like history and this is a famous story from history. It has gallant, brave, and strong characters.
“Bennett” age 7

"The Trojan Horse" Retold by Warwick Hutton