Greg lives in a busy town. There is a lot of silly stuff happening at his school. The book also takes place at Greg’s friends’ houses, but he usually does not have a good time there.
Fiction – Humor
Greg is the main character and a lot of weird stuff happens to him. Manny is Greg’s younger brother and he is a little troublemaker. Mom is one of those moms who thinks doing different things is healthy. Dad does not agree with mom all the time and he wins the battle when they argue. Roderick is Greg’s older brother and he likes to play tricks on everyone. Fregley is a neighborhood boy who is kind of a runt and doesn’t fit in well. Rowley is Greg’s ex-friend who really likes racing video games.
Greg accidentally broke Rowley’s left arm by throwing a football at Rowley while he was riding his bike. Greg’s mom signed him up for a school play about the Wizard of Oz and he is a tree. He was happy about that at first, but was sad that there were not any arm holes. Greg also thought he’d have a lot of lines in the play, but he only had one word to say: “ow”.
Rowley’s arm healed after wearing a cast. The play was canceled because Greg was acting terrible and threw apples at Dorothy (as revenge). His mom bought him flowers, but threw them in the garbage because she was so disappointed in him.
I could not put this book down, it was so great!

I like that the book has pictures. I also like that it is such a big book. I liked that when Greg got in trouble for the next few pages everyone started to move on.
“Veda” age 8

"Diary of a Wimpy Kid" by Jeff Kinney