Clementine lives in Boston in an apartment with her younger brother, her mom, and her dad. She also lives with a cat and her mom is pregnant. She goes to a big school and she’s in 3rd grade.
Realistic Fiction
Clementine is the oldest kid in her family and she likes to draw. Her younger brother is called “Spinach”, “Broccoli”, and other vegetable names. He is about 3 years old. Her friend, Margaret, is older than her and is bossy. Her mom is a writer and she is pregnant. Her dad is the apartment manager and he is preparing for the new baby.
Clementine does not have very good manners, unlike her friend Margaret. Margaret and the other fourth graders made a rule that you cannot make sounds while eating. Margaret tries to teach Clementine better manners. Clementine, in return, touches everything and makes it dirty for Margaret.
My favorite part of the book is when her class goes on a field trip with the 4th graders to see how the pilgrims lived. During the field trip, Clementine talked to one of the pilgrim actors and learned that she used to live in England. She named one of the chickens at the pilgrim village ‘Pre-Nata-Stretch’.
This book was so good; I loved it!

Although I loved this book, I would make it more interesting by adding more pictures. I would also add more characters and more pages to read. I liked the book because it has some drama.
“Veda” age 8

"Clementine and the Spring Trip" by Sara Pennypacker