This story took place in the year 1997. Nick Allen lived in New Hampshire.  He went to school at Lincoln Elementary School.
Realistic Fiction
Nick was a 10-year-old boy. He was smart and he had a lot of ideas that he wanted to share with the world. Also, another main characters was Mrs. Granger. She was one of Nick’s teachers. She was old and was extremely fond of dictionaries.
One day, Nick wanted to stall his teacher, Mrs. Granger, so he decided to ask a question. “Who says that dog means a brown, dirty animal?” His teacher’s response was, “You do. Nick, you say that dog means a brown, dirty animal.” So Nick wanted to create his own word. He decided to call a pen “Frindle” and all of his friends did also but Mrs. Granger got upset so it turned out to be a word war.
Soon after, a man named Bud Lawrence came and published Nick’s word all over the newspaper. Clothing stores were selling shirts with a picture of a pen above the name “Frindle”. Mrs. Granger gave up on the word battle and Nick won 10 years later when he was 20 years old. Mrs. Granger sent him a dictionary with a letter saying go to page 450 and there it was; his word, “Frindle”. He had finally won the word war.
This book made me excited to see who would win the word war.

I gave this book a five-star rating because I thought that if I want to change the world I could.
“Amiri” age 9

"Frindle" by Andrew Clements