frederickFrederick is a mouse who lives in a wall near a farm with his four little friends. When Winter approaches the mice start to collect nuts, berries and other supplies for the cold season. They all work except Frederick. A few times, they saw him staring at the sun or at the flowers and trees as he was dreaming or sleeping. But when they ask him why he was not working he always answered that he was working. And, this was true, because Frederick was a poet and he was collecting the beauty of Nature. The poet uses it to compose poems that nourish our soul every time we read them. When Winter came and the mice were cold and starving, they finally understood the importance of Frederick’s job. Indeed, with his words and poems, he was able to keep them warm and happy.
As the mice, I sincerely appreciated his poem about the four seasons that you can read at the end of this beautiful book!

“Liam” age 5 1/2

"Frederick" by Leo Lionni