roseIt is a beautiful book containing a large selection of poems. Some are written by famous poets but many others are written by boys and girls of different age. My favorite poem, that I read in this book, is the one written by a girl named Martine Nicolas. The title is Vowels and it is inspired by Arthur Rimbaud’s poem, having the same title. It is an amazing and dazzling journey through colors, feelings, letters and sounds. The poet is driven by his imagination and emotions. He follows them freely and in this way he can make amazing and surprising connections between sounds, shapes, colors and images. When I read the poem I thought to be in a dream where everything  can happen. I think that the power of art is exactly this: it makes every thing possible and let our soul expressing itself.
Art is the mirror of our soul and our soul is where all our dreams come from.
As M. Nicolas I wanted to write a poem inspired by Vowels.
A is red like a fire in the park and the blood in our body.  STRONG
I is brown like the brown bear in the forest and it is the anger of the gods in the sky.  WISE
U is green like happiness in the world.  It is tender and soft as the grass and leaves in spring time.  JOYFUL
Y is white as love hidden in the heart of a shy boy.  PURE
O is  yellow.  It is the sun that shines above the earth. It is the curiosity that never ends. ENERGETIC
E is orange as the music of the orchestra. POWERFUL
Our hearts have colors and music. They tell us the world never ends. When we die new people will be born and we will become new living things…..but we will never know.

“Liam” age 5 1/2

"Rose, where did you get that red?" by Kenneth Koch