The city of Uruk in Mesopotamia during the period of the early civilizations.
Gilgamesh, Enkidu, Shamhat
This ancient story was written by the Sumerians into clay tablets. It is one of the oldest legends in the world. We are lucky the archaeologists found it and learned how to read the cuneiform signs. It is a beautiful story that talks about Love, Friendship and Forgiveness. Forgive is the main word in this story. To forgive means to forget that somebody did something wrong to us. It means we do not want to punish him. We forgive when our heart is full of love that gives us the force to be kind and gentle even when we are hurt. In this story, Enkidu is stronger than Gilgamesh because he has love in his soul. Instead, Captain Achab was not stronger than Moby Dick because his heart had only revenge inside.
Gilgamesh was the King of the Sumerians. He was half god and half human. He was the strongest and richest man in the world, but he had no friends because he was cruel. He learned love and compassion only after fighting against Enkidu. Enkidu was as strong as Gilgamesh, even stronger because he had love in his heart. The two fought each other. Gilgamesh fell and Enkidu could kill him, instead he saved his life. At that moment, Gilgamesh understood what love was and he changed his attitude completely. His people started to love him and to be happy again.

This story talks about love, compassion and forgiveness 3,000 years before Jesus was born.
…..Jesus said to pardon those who hurt us not only one, three, or┬áseven times but always…..
“Liam” age 5 1/2

"Gilgamesh the King: An Ancient Epic Story"