First Name:




Book Title:

Get to Bed Froggy


Jonathan London

Fiction Genres:


Write three (3) sentences which describe the Setting of the book. Be sure use descriptive words.:

Groggy is at home. He is in his kitchen and his bedroom. It is time for him to go to bed,

List all of the main characters in the book, and share a little bit of information about each character.:

Froggy is a frog but he is like a boy. His mom is a frog too and she is pretty nice.

If there was a problem presented in the book, write three (3) sentences about it. Otherwise, write three sentences about your favorite part of the book.:

Frogging is suppose to go to bed but he doesn’t want to. He wants to do other stuff and doesn’t want to go to sleep. But his mom falls asleep.

If there was a problem presented in the book, write three (3) sentences about how the problem was solved. If there was not problem, write three sentences about what you would have liked to have seen in the book that the author did not include.:

After Froggy cleans up his toys he has to take a bath. Then he goes to get a drink. Then he goes to his bed to hear a story.

How did this book make you feel? Write three (3) sentences describing the feelings you had, when reading the book.:

I thought this book was funny. I felt happy, I felt good reading,

Star Rating:


Write three (3) sentences describing why you gave this book this rating.:

I like this book. I think Froggy should have more toys. I think his mom should get in bed because she is not comfortable in a chair,

"Froggy Goes to Bed" by Jonathan London