Many thanks to Dan and Judi for getting gym started with a freeze tag relay the Neutrons invented. Thanks to Sabrina for centering the quarks with a freeze dance warm-up.

This week we built a workout together with a memory exercise. We gathered in a circle and started with 4 squats or 5 jumping jacks. Then going around the circle each participant added a movement. As each movement was added we’d start back at the top to practice the sequence. This went on all the way around the circle so that everyone got to add a movement. Some kids added active, intense movement. Others added stretches, breaths, and relaxation. It ended up being a well-balanced workout!

We did another movement experiment called 10-cone relay that gave the kids a few ideas on how to move from one cone to the other. Then they were encouraged to think of their own ideas of how to move from one cone to another. I loved their ideas! Some kids cartwheeled, others bear crawled. Everyone got to do what felt good in their body.

Neutrons, electrons, and muons played different versions of freeze tag for play/game time. Quarks were ready for free play at the fort for their game/play time.

Gym: Memory Exercise Workout