We really lucked out with the weather and had a great time enjoying really fun activities! Alison brought some great supplies to help us set up games for our Quarks. We started with ABC’s of Movement with bean bags led by Alison. We balanced bean bags on our arms (A) and backs (B), caught (C) them in the air, and did lots of other fun activities working our way through the alphabet. We ended with zooming (Z) around with our bean bags. That helped get out our initial wiggles.

Then we went on a little hike where the kids found turkey tail mushrooms (thank you Alicia and for that nature lesson a couple weeks ago!), colorful leaves and broken acorns. In case you haven’t checked them out yet, Olga took some AMAZING photos!

After our hike we returned for some more movement games. Olga led some of the kids in a real life video game! They had to bop a dot she moved in different directions encouraging them to reach, stretch, jump and squat to reach the dot. We also had movement dice that the kids took turns rolling. We were stomping monsters and then hopping bunnies.

By the end I got one “I’m tired,” so I think we had a good day. Kudos to Alex for always coming up with great ideas every week – you were sorely missed! And thank you to Alison and everyone with your suggestions and help!

Gym: Movement & Mushrooms