First Name: Aaron
Age: 6
Experiment Title: Studying the Similarities and Differences of Bubbles
What was the purpose of your experiment? Provide a brief description of what you were hoping to learn, discover, or study.: The purpose of my experiment was to see the differences and similarities of bubbles. I was trying to look at how the colors from light shined on the bubbles were different or similar.
What was your hypothesis?: My hypothesis was that all bubbles would be the different.
What materials did you use in your experiment? List them all.: Bubble science kit, including: straws, connectors, glycerinDish Soap
Magnifying Glass
What procedure was followed? Provide a brief description of the steps you followed during your experiment.: Step 1: Make the bubble solution. Put your dish soap, water and glycerin a container.Step 2: Mix the solution.
Step 3: Wait 25 hours. It doesn’t have to be exact.
Step 4: Make bubbles using a square you made from the straws and connectors.
Step 5: Shine the light on the bubbles
Step 6: Use the magnifying glass to explore the bubble closely.
What were the results of your experiment?: My results were that all the bubbles looked the same – mostly no color with tiny rainbows. They did not appear different to me.
What is your conclusion after conducting the experiment? Was your hypothesis correct or incorrect?: My conclusion was that I was incorrect. I said it would be different, but they were the same. I couldn’t completely make the bubbles, so it was hard to tell if these results are valid.
Spend a few minutes learning about the scientific principles involved in your experiment. Write 3-4 sentences about what you learned and how it relates to your experiment.: I learned that different bubbles are thicker than others sometimes because the glycerin mixes with the dish soaps and makes a wall on either side of the water. This wall makes the bubbles last longer.
Lab Report: Studying the Similarities and Differences of Bubbles