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Book Title:



Elise Broach

Fiction Genres:


Write three (3) sentences which describe the Setting of the book. Be sure use descriptive words.:

There were two settings. The first was the house of a boy named James. The second was the MOMA museum.

List all of the main characters in the book, and share a little bit of information about each character.:

James: He was a boy whose parents thought that he could draw and paint a masterpiece — but he couldn’t.

Marvin: He was a bug that actually had the talent to create a masterpiece.

If there was a problem presented in the book, write three (3) sentences about it. Otherwise, write three sentences about your favorite part of the book.:

James didn’t get much attention from his parents. Then he got lots of attention because his parents thought he drew a masterpiece – except he didn’t Marvin, the bug, actually drew the picture.

If there was a problem presented in the book, write three (3) sentences about how the problem was solved. If there was not problem, write three sentences about what you would have liked to have seen in the book that the author did not include.:

Well, that problem wasn’t solved. But a different problem was solved. James and Marvin stopped a burglar from stealing a real masterpiece. Also, at the end of the story, James started learning to draw for real.

How did this book make you feel? Write three (3) sentences describing the feelings you had, when reading the book.:

I don’t exactly know how it made me feel. It wasn’t that kind of book.

Star Rating:


Write three (3) sentences describing why you gave this book this rating.:

I liked it because it was a mystery. I also liked that there was a theft, and that the characters solved it.

"Masterpiece" by Elise Broach