Today we started off talking a little bit about how snowflakes are formed and how they are each unique shapes. We attempted to use black construction paper to catch and investigate the snowflakes. The fact that it wasn’t snowing didn’t stop us (see pic **not pictured Amelia’s daddy making it snow for us). They used magnifying glasses to look closer at the snowflakes. Next, we tried to replicate what we saw and draw large snowflakes in snow with sticks on the field. As with many Quark lessons, they each had their own vision of how to experience snow. We were lucky enough to borrow some food coloring and some kiddos painted and experimented with colorful snow. Others thought, there’s no better way to understand snow than to build an amazing fortress and throw “snowballs” (more like puffs of snow) at the adults.

Math/Science: Catching Snowflakes