Name (First Name, Last Initial)
Aaron A
What did you find?
Alice’s Trush, also known as Grey-CheekedĀ Thrush
Where did you find it?
The Grove Nature Preserve
How did you find it?
In a class, the teacher was telling us about a bird that the founder of The Grove discovered. I thought it was very pretty. In the class she showed us one of the specimens.
Use your senses.
The specimen was not alive, but it looked like a pigeon but in a smaller body with a little more grey.I found a call that the bird makes online and it sounds like a soft whistling, calming sound.
What is its role in nature?
Bird droppings helps plants grow because the droppings have nutrients. Also birds help with pest control by eating invasive bugs and insects.
Why is it important to you?
I liked how it looked and I felt like the backstory of how it was named and how it was discovered was very heartwarming.
Rate the artifact’s cool-factor!
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Naturalist Report: Alice’s Trush, also known as Grey-Cheeked Thrush