First Name: Anna
Age: 8
Specimen or Artifact Name: Deer
Where did you find it?: Caldwell Woods
Write a paragraph about your item. Some ideas of information to include are: Is it old or new? What species is it from or what is its classification? Why is it important? What is its role in nature?: The species of the deer I found was a White Tailed Deer. On the picture I will bring in you cannot see the white tail, the part of tail that is while is the inside. All deer have antlers, but not the Chinese Water Deer! It has long canine teeth that can be up to 8cm (about two in)! And reindeer are the same thing as caribou, so Santa’s sleigh has caribou that fly it though the sky! We got really close to them, the fawn was very interested in me, Aaron, and Mami!
What makes it interesting to you? Why did you choose this item?: I chose this item because the deer were very cute and they looked cuddly. I learned sooooooo much about deer, the research was fun. Aaron is obsessed with seeing live deer.
Naturalist Report: Deer