This week, as all weeks, we had a rough plan but the best part was unscripted! The plan was for a nature walk where the kids collected at least 20 items into their own individual bags, then later sorted their items based on whatever criteria they chose. Could be color, or weight, or type of item, or anything else that made sense to them. After they finished their categorization, they shared with another participant, then re-sorted their items according to different criteria. That was part was fun and generally successful.

The best parts in nature are *always* the things you can’t plan but embrace when they appear. We found and investigated some really cool artifacts on the trail! And we wondered about what order the leaves fall in since all we could see on top of the leaf layer was oak leaves, but we know there are more than just oak trees in the forest. Then we spent time pulling apart (with twigs rather than fingers) a massive owl pellet! I’ve always wanted to do that, honestly, and was thrilled we happened upon one so we could have this fun experience. If we had more time we could have pulled out all the bones from the pile of fur and tried to figure out what animal the owl had for dinner…maybe next time.  🙂

Nature Study: Collecting & Owl Pellet