Today, we had two objectives. First: memorize a poem. And second: make it to this river everyone’s talking about! (The kids had all been before, of course, but I hadn’t.)

The chosen poem was “Cold”, by Shirley Hughes. We read it once at a picnic table before setting off, and then many (many) more times on the walk. The group was very patient with the repetition, and by the end they could – together, as a group – recall the lines. I was impressed! The poem’s below, I’d be curious to know how much of it stuck.

The hike itself was fun – thank you, Kristin, for your patience and skillful corralling! – and we made it to the river, with numerous stops for paw prints, bike prints, ducks, burrows, falls, sign posts, mud puddles, and so forth. I should have turned us back earlier, however, and as a result they were delivered unconscionably late to their next class. So sorry, Olga!

Thanks to everyone for a great day capping off a great fall session; we ate so, so many delicious cookies on the drive home. Hope everyone has a restful break, we’ll look forward to seeing you all in 2022.

Nature Study: Poem Hike