The water cycle was our focus during nature study this week. We read a lovely book Water is Water with beautiful illustrations of the water cycle in action throughout the year.

Then we started their own water cycle experiment by setting up terrariums with clear plastic cups, soil, water, sunflower seeds and masking tape. The Neutrons examined my own sample terrariums and saw how the water had evaporated from being heated in the sunlight, then condensed on the top cup. They also noticed one of my seeds taking root. As they poured water on their cups of soil they observed the water filtering all the way down and felt the cup getting heavier.

Neutron families, please put your terrariums in a sunny spot and hopefully the water cycle will be observable at your houses! (Yes, the sunflowers will eventually grow to be 4-5 feet tall, so think ahead about where you can plant them.)

On such a drizzly and puddly day this was a perfect activity and discussion!

Nature Study: Water Cycle Terrariums