Today, the Muons conducted the short demonstration observation of young child behavior, that Alicia described so nicely in her last email (I will include some of the information again here too as a reference).

The class started with a re-cap, expansion, and interactive activities on scales, criteria, and challenges of rating in psychology.

We introduced and discussed a tool called the Child Observation Record (COR), which is based on general child developmental stages. Then we prepared for unobtrusive observation of younger fellow co-opers in art class, as a demonstration of the tool. Students then headed to the West Room, where they worked in pairs to observe the children focusing on a couple of COR criteria. 

After the observation, we returned to class and discussed some examples of what the groups noted, as well as some challenges and observations of the process of working with the COR as a tool.

Thank you Alicia for another super interesting and dynamic psychology class!

Psychology: Child Observation Record (COR)