Following Alicia’s excellent lesson plan, we hung two signs (“Strongly Agree” and “Strongly Disagree”) at either end of the room. With the proviso that no one could be neutral (we put a chair in the neutral zone so you had to stand to one side), we read a series of statements and the Muons positioned themselves according to their level of agreement or disagreement.

I thought we’d start with an easy example: “I enjoy pie.” That’s when I learned that the Muons in general have a complicated relationship with pie. The actual statements had to do with gender, emotional intelligence and maturity, and the affect of gender on psychology. The discussion was a lot of fun. One recurring theme was that people do very questionable things on TikTok. We discussed how gender informs certain behaviors and outcomes, and whether its influence owes more to nature or to nurture.

Thanks to Dan for playing along and helping guide the discussion, and to Alicia for making it so easy!

Psychology: Gender Identity Part II