Today some of the Co-op kids got together to test their Slacklining skills. One of the older children was kind enough to bring in some equipment comprised of tubular Slack-Spec webbing, slings, locker rings, and some oval carabiners, which she promptly secured between two trees in a nicely shaded spot by constructing a “Primitive Rig Slack Line”. While the grown-ups were left sratching their heads a bit, the kids proceeded to help one another balancing themselves up on the slack line, each taking several steps towards the end in a series of trial and error feats of bravery. Eventually, the most experienced slackliner was able to make it all the way across, and back again unattended. Impressive, to say the least!
The smaller kids took turns running through the field together with a little dollar store kite assembly. Who knew so much joy could come in such a small package?! The kids experimented with different angles and techniques, running and standing still, until they found the optimal method to launch the kite well over the tree tops (or at least into them a bit). Somewhere in between, there was talk of “burrows and dens”, some random berry collection, an impromptu picnic under the shade of a slide in the playground, much giggling, and laughter mixed with some good ol’ summertime sweat. The splash pad and cool snacks and beverages proved to be our friends in this hot summer weather. Good times.

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Slacklinin', Kite Flyin', & Splish Splashin'