This story was about a dog named Buddy, who works at a school.  Buddy used to do detective work, but gave it up and became a dog who tries to be a therapy dog.  He couldn’t stand staying away from detective work for long, so he decided to go back to it.  One day, the fire alarm at school goes off and all the kids rush outside.  Buddy sniffs the fire alarm and  he smells green paint, so he decides to go to the art room where some kids are painting but none of them were using green paint.  That made him extraordinarily curious!  So, he begins to look for clues on who pulled the fire alarm.
This book is a fictional story which has some mysterious, curious, surprising and sometimes funny pages.  The mysterious parts made me feel very curious which made me want to keep reading.  The surprising parts were good, because I couldn’t guess what was going to happen due to all the excitement.   One of the really cool things about this book is that the narrator is Buddy, so you get to know how a dog could think and speak instead of just barking and yipping.

I love this book, so I rate it five out of five!  Reading this book made me feel very curious and now I want to read the other books in this series.  I imagined what talking dogs and cats would be like in my own backyard, and I wondered about whether dogs actually can talk in their own language and understand each other.  It makes me want to study dog body language, barking, and howling so I can learn about how dogs communicate.
Tala ( Age 8 )

"The Buddy Files: The Case of the Fire Alarm" by Dori Butler