selfishOnce upon a time there was a giant who had a beautiful garden. Children loved to play in the giant’s garden; they liked to run, to dance and to eat peaches in the garden.
Unfortunately, one day the giant decided to keep the children away, because he was worried they would destroy and spoil the beauty of his garden. He built a strong, tall wall all around it and he put a sign with the words: NO CHILDREN ALLOWED.
Children became sad, birds left the garden, everything was silent and without color.
Spring did not want to come back into the garden. Winter was long; too long. The giant started to feel cold, sad and lonely.
Finally, one morning the giant heard birds in the garden, he saw leaves and flowers on the trees and children playing happily in his garden. The children had made a hole in the wall and they brought joy and life into the garden and into the giant’s heart
Every child can change a selfish giant.  Every child can change and improve our world.


"The Selfish Giant" by Oscar Wilde